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Purrznpauz is a small, CFA Registered cattery located in Cape Coral Florida.

Now in my tenth year of showing kitties, and still as addicted as ever!

Still trying hard to stay small, only caging whole males in huge room sized, floor-to-ceiling quarters, and mothers due to deliver or with young babies, as well as young kitties for their protection.

Striving to combine lines and qualities to produce top show kitties, that also have great health and friendly outgoing loving personalities.

Frequently have show, breeder and pet kitties available to selective loving homes.  We also frequently have retired young adults available for adoption to special loving homes.

My name is Donna, and I am the caretaker for the cats of Purrznpauz.  I love all kinds of animals but currently concentrate only on showing cats and kitties.  I also enjoy NASCAR and being a homebody because I love being with my feline family as my human family lives elsewhere in the US.

My cats have wonderful lineage that includes Teah, Karabel, Careyata, Twinshire, Oakheaven, Greenmore, Concerto, Prancenpaws, JKZOO and Demiara.  I am striving to produce pointed Exotics that are competitive in the show ring and are sweet and loving pets as well.

Please come and meet my kitties.

See kitties who have found a forever home.


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