What Is An Exotic?

by Donna Guyer


The Exotic Shorthair is rapidly increasing in popularity across the country. Recognized by all Cat Associations since 1967!  The Exotic breed was developed by crossing the Persian with the American Shorthair breed. Hence the Exotic has the face of the Persian with a thick, plush, luxuriant coat. This has earned them the title "Lazy Man's Persian" and also the "Teddy Bear Cat".

The Exotics have wonderful personalities, getting along well with other pets as well as being content in a single pet household. They are LOW MAINTENANCE, quiet, sweet-tempered and very people oriented. They thrive on human companionship, often following you from room to room like a puppy dog.

Crossing the Exotic Shorthair with the Persian or Himalayan is perfectly acceptable since all are types of Persians. This practice also helps to maintain the wonderful shorthair plush coat.  Some of the offspring will have the long coat of the Persian or Himalayan, and though they are called Exotic Longhair, they are the same as a Persian or Himalayan in appearance.

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